How It All Started

 Hi, my name is Jonathan Duke the Founder of Duke’s, I have been a  Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist for the last 12 years.  I was driving home one night and thought to myself why isn’t there any facilities in the fitness industry specialising in the over 50's age bracket? We have specialised gyms for women, children, athletes, body builders and the list went on. This made no sense as life expectancy is getting longer and the Australian population is getting older at a rapid rate. So I decided I am going to do something about this.  Two years after that thought Duke’s has now been Launched! A Health & Fitness Club that is a safe and fun place for over 50’s to keep strong and stay fit so they can enjoy life to its absolute fullest. Every part of our facility is tailored to this age group including our strong passion for old fashioned customer service which we pride ourselves on. It is time for the over 50’s to shine!