Duke's Online

On-Demand Online Membership

Get access to 24-hour streaming videos with regular fresh videos all specifically designed for your over 50’s needs. You can expect our vast library of over 100 videos to provide you with everything you need to for your mind and body including strength, cardio, mental health and mindfulness, balance, stability, coordination, diet and nutrition, stretching and flexibility, perfecting techniques, injury prevention, remedial and easing pain.


We’re offering a limited number of Dukes@Home memberships for the reduced rate of $2.90 per week (normally $5.50 per week)

Join NOW and enjoy lifetime savings as an online member.
JUST $2.90 - that’s less than a coffee, but way better for you!

You will be guided by the founder and owner of the leading over 50’s Health Club, Jonathan Duke as well as some carefully selected specialist guests. With the goal of getting you strong, fit, happy and injury-free.

Whether you are looking at working out at home, while you travel or looking for something to compliment your existing training schedule, this will cover all of your over 50’s needs.

How to sign up to Duke's Online

Signing up to Duke's Online is an easy, step by step process which will give you instant access to your new account.

Step 1

You'll be taken to a secure page where you'll be asked to enter your direct debit information via our payment processing system, Integrapay.

Step 2

Once you complete your direct debit details, you'll be diverted to another page where you'll fill in a few more details and your membership will be created!

Step 3

You'll then receive an e-mail to the e-mail address you register with us with further instructions on how to log in and set up your password.

Done! You'll be set up to start accessing your instant workouts.

Unlimited weekly access just $2.90 per week!

Why Duke's Online?

  • On-demand workouts
  • Comfort of your own home
  • Easy online sign-up
  • Affordable membership